Hog&Hound: The Noose Filming

Mr.Hog: Its a dark world we’re livin’ in, Mr.Hound.
Mr.Hound: Yup.
Mr.Hog: I mean, it’s really dark. Like, I can’t see.
Mr.Hound: Yep.
Mr.Hog: Why are we wearing the sunglasses?



A few nights ago we did a collab with the fantastic Hog & Hound!


Digital meeting; planning the shoot.


The script is called “The Noose”, and it was written in a day, planning the next day, and filming in a couple hours the following night!


Our very own actor and producer Sondre Jacobsen with a suit and Bart Simpson tie, in a very different role than the last time we saw him in Ragnarok, Short film.


Filming took place in the back alleys of Trondheim on a Tuesday night.


Here Sebastian Bragstad (The Hog) is giving directions to Sondre on how to pee while sitting on your knees.


Here comes the noose! Sticky meat noose, not easy to handle!


There it is sneaking up on our unsuspecting actor! How will this end?!


Jim Henson the puppet master would absolutely approve of our special effects.


Here Sebastian Bragstad (The Hog) and Toni Kotka, director of Hope, is looking at Erian Trotland (The Hound).


This short film should be coming out in a very short while! So be sure to follow both Ragnarok Film and Hog&Hound on Facebook if you want to see the finished project!