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Hope, Short Film: Namsos filming

The Hope-production has led us north from Trondheim, all the way up to Namsos. The plan is to film there for two days, then travel back down to Trondheim and finish the rest of the movie there.



The first day in Namsos we used to drive around to scout the entire area, based on the tips we had from the local contacts, to find the best locations possible. Our producer Per Kristian is our very own Namsos local, and he proudly showed the rest of the crew around town!


Producer Per Kristian Willand Engebretsen(left) and Director Toni Kotka(right).


We stayed the night at Namsos Camping. Rested and eager to start filming for the day! The cast and crew for this trip was a total of eight people, a small and effective team for mobility and efficiency.


Camping kings Tomas Grande, Toni Kotka and Marius Gjemble getting ready for the day.


We finish up the makeup and costumes in base camp before heading out on the tracks, making sure everything matches the clips from earlier.


Director Toni Kotka inspecting the makeup on Tomas Grande done by production designer Hallvard Hellem.


Location 1: We rented a speeder from the camping, making the perfect dolly for a long tracking shot along the abandoned railroad tracks!


Speeder used as a dolly to get a long smooth tracking shot.


Beautiful cloudy weather makes a soft nice light, making David DeLight`s lighting job alot easier. Perfect weather for filming!


David DeLight and Atle Sagli Hansen approves the rig.


Location 2: We found ourselves inside a tunnel along the same abandoned tracks. In the picture you can see the crew pouring water on the tracks to make them reflect the sunlight all the way inside the tunnel.


Camera crew pouring water on the railroad tracks to make them visible in the picture.


On to the next location!


Location 3: Outside an old rusty bunker from WW2.


Ford(Marius Gjemble) and Luca(Tomas Grande) heads into the mountain, will they ever come out?


Location 4: Kattmarka in Namsos, the area got hit by a mudslide in 2009 taking with it 10 houses. A magical location to film in the sunset.


Quick clay is found only in northern countries, such as Russia, Canada, Norway, Sweden, and Finland, and in Alaska.


The sundown does not last forever, so we needed to add in some extra lighting on the closeups.


Toni Kotka directing actor Tomas Grande playing Luca in the sunset.


The last day in Namsos we spent most of the day running around in the forest around the camping filming some walking and talking, and some walkie talkie`ing.


Hope is an optimistic attitude of mind that is based on an expectation of positive outcomes related to events and circumstances in one’s life or the world at large.


Driving down south again!


Hunt the hare and turn her down the rocky road, and all the ways to Steinkjer, whack, follol de-dah.


Before heading home, we stopped in Steinkjer to film an old overgrown car in the middle of the forest. Long day, but we got some great stuff!


Secret little pearl of a location we stumbled upon in pre-production, absolutely fantastic.


Arne`s beard game is strong on this production.