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Hope, Short Film: Trondheim Filming

Back in Trondheim after some nice days in Namsos. We start out with a interior scene in the dark and scary catacombs(also known as “the garage”) of Kristiania University College. Our production designer Hallvard Hellem did a great job turning a plain grey wall into a post-apocalyptic bunker.


Director Toni on set going trough the blocking of the scene.


DOP Arne in front of the camera? Get back here you!


We got some extra hands on set on this location, here you see Signe Sterud stepping in as a boom operator. Arne wants me to not stand in the middle of the picture while we are recording.



The next day we headed out to Gråkallen, a location both Arne and David Delight knows well from filming the short viking film Trace.


Our location for the day! A radio tower on top of a mountain.


We did three different scenes, happening in three different times of the day in about 6 hours. With only two led lights.


Atle the boom king is complementing the great lighting by David Delight, while Hallvard is finishing up the makeup on the cast.



Good morning to Thomas and Marius, I`m guessing they did not sleep too well.



Great location with fresh mountain air and a fantastic view of the sunset.



Goodnight, we are not far from the finish line now.