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Sagauka: Participate in making history!

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Join us in making history!

Trøndelag has always been something special. From the Viking Age to the present. Throughout the times we have stood our ground, and both worked and fought for it. That has always been with us throughout history, it has shaped us and helped to make us who we are.

The story of Einar Tambarskjelve is the story of Trøndelag, how the people have weathered the storm, whether it came from sea or land. It tells the story of how we became the way we were, in a tumultuous time in our history. This story, filled with drama, love, action, betrayal, miracles, and heroic acts must now be told. The film will be created by Ragnarok Film in collaboration with Sagauka in Melhus, the saga municipality, but also you can make this film a reality!

Sign up below if you are interested in being this project in any way. Let’s make history!

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